Clip In Collection

Why choose classic?

Classic wefts add a bit more volume at your roots
Style easily with ponytails and updos

Works with

Thin, Medium, Thick and Short hair

Weft Type

Flexible fabric-stitched weft
Gives a bit more volume at the roots


16 inches: 140g (9 wefts)
20 inches: 120g (9 wefts)
20 inches: 160g (10 wefts)
20 inches: 220g (10 wefts)


16 inches, 20 inches

Ponytail Collection

Why choose Ponytail Collection?

Seamless wefts lay flat against your head
Offered in Balayage colours

Works with

Thin and Medium hair

Weft type

Thin, silicone wefts that lay flat on your roots
50% slimmer than Classic fabric wefts


180g (10 wefts)


20 inches

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