laplex is the original and only bond building product that repairs hair. 

To understand how Olaplex works requires a bit of a chemistry lesson. Your hair is made up of disulfide bonds. When you perm, bleach, or color your hair, or use heat styling, some of the disulfide bonds split to become hydrogen-sulfur bonds. Hydro-sulfur bonds create broken links of hair, leaving it dry or damaged. Additionally, these hydrogen-sulfur bonds can oxidize to sulfates over time, resulting in irreversible damage. Olaplex relinks these broken hydrogen-sulfur bonds and leaves the hair strengthened. Colorists love the product because it allows them to bleach and even take a brunette to Kardashian-level platinum without worrying that their client’s hair is going to “melt.” Consumers love it because they can leave a coloring session without their hair feeling like straw.Book your Olaplex treatment with sleek press & Style and receive the 2 part conditioning treatment in the salon. You will also receive a complimentary take home treatment that is to be applied the night before your next scheduled appointment.