Infrared Hair Dryer: Easy Professional Results at Home

Think you’re hot stuff? We do, too! Our line of hot tools is inspired by how hot you’ll look when you straighten, curl and blowout your Go Sleek tresses. 

Look, every beautiful heat style starts with a sleek blowout. But when you’re not a professional, it can be easy to fry your ends if you’re not careful!

That’s why we developed the Infrared Hair Dryer. It gives you salon-professional results, even if you’re a hair styling novice. Now, having hair that’s too hot to handle doesn’t have to come with heat damage.

So, let’s learn a little more about why infrared heat is the best for at-home heat styling. 

Reason #1: Scientifically Faster Drying

Listen, most of the damage we put our hair through comes from too much time under heat. But thanks to infrared heat technology, you can get the same results in less time!

See, our infrared dryer harnesses the same heat you’d find in a fancy infrared sauna to heat the hair follicle from the inside out. The result? Faster drying times, less exposure to heat and healthier hair. Using those other dryers will feel like putting your hair in an oven!

Reason #2: Even Heat

Like a trusty cast iron skillet, the Infrared Hair Dryer provides even and consistent heat all over. No more missed spots!

Look, there’s nothing worse than thinking you got every strand, only to find a damp spot as soon as you put the dryer away! Infrared technology provides even heat from start to finish, so you can trust it to get the job done the first time.

Reason #3: Less Frizz

Not to get all 10th grade Chemistry class on you, but when it comes to sleek, frizz-free hair, we’ve got to drop a little more science on infrared heat!

Inside your dryer, negative ions are busy unbinding water molecules from your hair and sealing the cuticle before positive ions have a chance to set in and cause static. 

Translation: infrared hair dryers equal shinier, sleeker results. Period.

So go ahead, follow that YouTube tutorial for bombshell blowouts – the Infrared Hair Dryer is extra gentle and will keep your hair healthy and frizz-free!


Doing your hair at home doesn’t have to leave you with less professional results! Stop damaged, frizzy hair in its tracks when you begin with the Infrared Heat Dryer. Easy enough for beginners to use, this dryer cuts drying time, heats evenly and provides salon-quality blowouts. Shop here: MEET THE DRYER