Choosing Your Extensions

The best extensions are extensions that help you meet your hair goals.

Here’s what we would recommend:

  • Closure Units are great for individuals who want to ultimately grow their hair and refrain from using excessive heat. Closure units put no tension on your hair or scalp and you can treat your hair more often. You can remove it daily and allow your scalp to breath. If you work out often, looking for a convenient hairstyle, have alopecia, thinning hair, breakage or just don’t want to be committed to the same hairstyle or look everyday then a unit is for you.
  •  U-Part Units have a u shape opening where you leave out your natural hair and edges out. This type of unit will give you the same look as a sew in a fraction of the time. Recommended for individuals with healthy hair to ensure you’re able to cover the tracks and proper blending.
  • Clip-Ins Extensions are for women who don’t want to commit to long term extension installs & enjoy wearing their natural hair but want to add extra length or fullness in a instant. Clip ins are great for special occasions or just day to day use. They’re easy to install and remove daily. Clip ins are not recommended for individuals with alopecia, thinning edges or crown, or that work out often. Clip ins should be removed nightly and reinstalled daily to prevent breakage.
  • Instant Ponytail is a girl's best friend. Perfect for all occasions. Working out, formal events or daily wear. Takes on 10 mins or less to install
Curly texture or Wavy texture

Our most popular texture is wavy. It’s low maintenance and easy to straighten. It will blend with most to all hair textures. It can be worn in the natural state or straightened. Curly texture is fun but definitely high maintenance. This texture is coarser and not as easy to straighten but it definitely will get bone straight if properly straightened with a professional flat iron. Curly is great for individuals with thicker hair texture because it will appear fuller than the wavy texture. This hair texture will revert back once wet again but with excessive heat styling it’ll eventually loosen the curl pattern.