The Silk Curler Challenge

Are you ready for the Silk Curler Challenge?! We are, too!! Starting March 14th, we are looking for your best Silk Curler videos!! We want to see how you use the curler and how your curls come out but here's the catch, we need you to have some fun.. why? Well, we are giving away 3 cash prizes to the best videos! Yes, 3 people can win cash, dollars, coins!!! All videos must be submitted by April 8th to qualify for cash prizes! Now, we have some rules so make sure you follow them to qualify to win... YOU MUST:
  1. Use our Go Sleek Silk Curler
  2. Post to your page and tag us
  3. Have a public page (private pages will be disqualified)
  4. Not use a filter
  5. Share your best video and best results to win
  6. Use hashtags #silkcurlerchallenge AND #gosleekhair

Have fun with your videos and make sure your lighting is great by either using a ring light or sitting by a window for natural lighting.

To get the best curls, here are some tips: 

  1. Start on clean hair (or hair washed within 3-4 days)
  2. Use on natural hair or extensions
  3. Start with wrapping small sections
  4. Pull with tension each time you wrap
  5. Use a scarf to secure the curler
  6. Longer you wear, better the results so try to keep roller in at least 12 hours

Oh... so how much money we giving away?! Glad you asked! 3rd Place will win $200, 2nd Place will win $600 and the Go Sleek Grand Prize will be $1200!! Remember, you MUST follow all of the rules to qualify! Happy Curling!!🤩