Handle with Care: The Right Way to Store Extensions.

Truth: when you have your Go Sleek extensions installed, you’re extra diligent about wrapping your hair up at night and keeping those ends protected. 

But what happens when you take them out?

Listen, your extensions deserve the same care … whether they’re on your head or not! Here are 2 ways you can keep your extensions soft and tangle-free until you’re ready to wear them again.

Short-Term Storage: Use the Hair Extension Hanger

 Perfect for post-wash day safekeeping, the Hair Extension Hanger securely clips to your wefts, clip-ins and units to keep them in place while you air dry or style them. No snagging here – the ultra-gentle clamp won’t tug or get stuck in your strands. 

Use the hanger to get a quick breather from your extensions overnight or to hold the next look in your rotation. (Yes, we know your work hair is different than your weekend hair, sis!)

Long-Term Storage: Use the Satin Hair Bag

Now, for those extensions you like to pull out only for special occasions, you need a more protective solution. Meet the Satin Hair Bag, made to keep hair soft, shiny and safe from dust and debris until your next install. 

Lined with satin and outfitted in chic black, the Satin Hair Bag does exactly what your turbans and bonnets do for you night after night: protect your ends and retain much-needed moisture.________________

Your extensions deserve more than a messy bin under the bathroom sink! Protect and store them in style for the short or long haul with the Hair Extension Hanger and the Satin Hair Bag. You can shop them both here