How to Get Perfect Heatless Curls

Ready to achieve those stunning, heatless curls? Grab your silk rollers and join us in this step by step tutorial.

Heat damage? We don’t know her! 

Listen, nowadays the girls are all about big, bouncy, bombshell curls without all the heat styling. It’s us, we’re the girls. 

That’s why we created our iconic Silk Roller! Just wrap your hair around the silk-lined rod and voilà – voluminous, juicy ringlets overnight. 

Made of the finest Mulberry silk (the highest quality silk on the market), the Silk Roller is big enough to curl your entire head in one fell swoop. 

Now, you may have seen the amazing results you can get from the roller on our Instagram and are wondering how to get the look for yourself. Like the rest of the Go Sleek family, the Silk Roller is easy as 1-2-3. Here’s the quick guide to perfect heatless curls:

Step 1: Stretch and Prep Your Hair 

You can use a blow dryer or stretch your hair overnight for this step. No need to press your hair out, though! The roller can handle all the styling for you. We like to add a little Rose Oil Hair Serum to keep everything nice and moisturized through the process, too. 

Step 2: Section Your Strands and Roll, Roll, Roll 

Once you have your roller clipped horizontally at the crown of your head, begin wrapping small sections of hair around the roller, picking up more sections as you go. There should be a bit of tension as you wrap to make sure your curls form tightly. 

When you’re out of hair to wrap, grab the included silk scrunchie to secure the ends of the hair to the roller. Then, repeat this process on the other side. 

Step 3: Secure with Silk Turban and Sleep Tight

After you finish wrapping your hair around the roller, grab the 2 ends and have them meet at your nape. At this point, you should have a halo or crown shaped ‘do. 

Now, grab your Silk Turban and cover your entire head. This will protect your hair from dryness and help to make your roller even more secure as you sleep. And in the morning, simply remove the turban and roller and wake up to the prettiest, damage-free curls! Check out our silk roller products.

Need a visual? Check out our how-to video below.


Silk Rollers

Want in on the heatless curl craze? Just use the Silk Roller! Perfect for your natural tresses or your extensions, now you can get big, bouncy body without the damaging heat! Shop the Silk Roller now.