Classic Clip-Ins vs. Seamless Clip-Ins: Which Is Right for Me?

If you’re anything like us, you love your Go Sleek Clip-Ins. Easy to apply, quality 100% human hair and a flawless blend – what’s not to love?

Now, you may have noticed we recently introduced our Seamless Collection to bring you even more options. Thinner, sleeker and in 4 all new textures, the Go Sleek Seamless Collection is about to take your love for clip-ins to a whole new level! 

But what’s the difference? Well, the major key is in the construction: Classic clip-ins are wefts attached to a lace fabric with clips added on the back while for Seamless clip-ins the hair is bonded to an ultra-flat silicone base and clips also added.

Look, you can’t go wrong with Classic or Seamless. But how do you know which collection to choose first? Here are some fast facts about the 2 collections.

Classic Clip-Ins 

Perfect for medium to thick hair, Our Classic clip-ins are 100% Cambodian human hair on double wefted tracks sewn onto a breathable lace material. Most importantly what people love is the natural lustre. Cambodian hair has low shine which gives a very natural appearance when blended with natural pressed or relaxed hair. They’re also …

  • Heat safe up to 470° F
  • Only available in natural dark brown. Each batch will vary from 1b-2
  • Color safe
  • Offered in 1 Cambodian texture: Wavy
  • 6 pieces per set
  • Available in 4 lengths: 
    • 14” (130 grams)
    • 18” (130 grams)
    • 22” (150 grams)
    • 26” (150 grams)

So, if you have coarser locks or like a little volume at the root, you can nestle any of the Classic clip-ins in between your parts for a “my hair but better” look. If your natural wisps are finer, the Seamless collection’s thinner, more flexible weft will be more your speed. 

Seamless Clip-Ins

The ultra-flat look of the Seamless Collection makes styling a breeze and is made possible by the innovative silicone base. These type of clip ins are light weight and lay flatter than classic clip ins. Wear it up, wear it down, curl it, color it – we love a good switch up! This collection is not sourced from Cambodia. But rest assured: these 100% virgin human hair extensions meet our strict Go Sleek quality standard.

Our Seamless Collection is 100% virgin human hair and offered in 4 textures. Here are details of each texture broken down:

  • Calli Textured Straight- This texture is similar to a kinky straight or a natural blow out look. It can be pressed straight or worn in the natural state. This texture is for our natural girls with medium to thick hair. Once installed it definitely gives “This is my hair”. It’s really thick so you’ll be surprised how far one set will go but if you have short hair or like your hair really full we would recommend 2 sets for a full head install. If you have type 4 hair this is for you. We also highly recommend our hair holder & professional grade ceramic iron to get this texture straight. (maintenace level; med)
  • Venus Wave- Our loose body wave. The Nature of this texture is silky & really soft. It’s low maintenance and easy to straighten. If you love our cambodian wavy classic clip ins this texture may be too silky for your liking. This texture blends perfectly with fine, soft natural or relaxed hair. (maintenance level; low)
  • Jolie Deep Curly- Soft ringlet style curls. This texture is the best of both worlds. Wear it curly or Straight and it’ll revert back once wet again. If you have Type 3 hair this may be your match. When this texture is straightened it has a lot of volume and texture. Keep in mind that curly hair is high maintenance especially when worn in the natural state we recommend resetting your curls every 1-3 days depending upon your lifestyle. Check out this video for maintenance tips and how we recommend resetting for the best results. (maintenance level; high)
  • Kai Kinky Curly- Soft tight curls. Big hair don’t care or blow it out and straighten for a natural straight look. This hair gives all natural so when its straightened it will not press silky straight but it’ll give lots of volume and texture. Once wet again the curl will revert back  but keep in mind that with excessive heat styling will loosen the curl pattern overtime. (maintenance level; high)
A little more about our Seamless Collection:
  • All Seamless textures are heat safe up to 470° F
  • Only available in natural dark brown, 1b-2.
  • Safe to color (take note: hair color can’t penetrate the hair fused into the silicone base)
  • 8 pieces per set
  • Available in 3 lengths: 
    • 16” (130 grams) 
    • 20” (130 grams)
    • 24” (130 grams)


Choosing between the Classic and Seamless clip-in collections shouldn’t be difficult. But keeping your ultimate look in mind will help you make the best decision. For Cambodian raw textures you can color from root to tip, grab a set from the Classic collection. For 100% virgin human hair with endlessly flexible wefts and fresh texture options, check the Seamless collection. You can shop both Clip In Hair Extensions Collections!