Bathroom Beautician? You Need Ceramic Tools!

If you’re reading this, you probably can’t stand spending hours in the salon for a style you know you could do at home … if you could just get salon-quality tools.

Enter ceramic hot tools! The Go Sleek 1.5” Ceramic Flat Iron is cosmetologist approved and puts the power of the hairdresser in your hands. 

OK, so everyone’s saying ceramic irons are the best for your hair. But are they safe and easy to use at home? Yes! In fact, it’s your best bet for DIY styling.

Read on to find out why we suggest ceramic irons for all you bathroom beauticians.

Heat You Can Handle

When you’re styling your hair at home, you want to take every precaution to make sure your style comes out sleek and you don’t damage your hair. So, while your licensed stylist may make wielding hot metal tools look easy, using them at home could leave you with burned hair and bumped ends. Not cute!

To get the best results, use a ceramic iron. Like a ceramic bowl, your flat iron will hold heat for longer, meaning you won’t have to crank the temperature up to achieve your favorite styles. A ceramic iron will maintain heat pass after pass.

Snag-Free Straightening

Have you ever seen pottery being glazed before? Not only does it create a glossy surface, but it also makes ceramic practically frictionless as well! That means your hair slides through the iron with less snagging and tugging.

Protect your hair from split and snapped ends by styling with smooth ceramic irons. Bye-bye flyaways!

Dry and Frizzy? We Don’t Know Her

The art of hair can also be a science. See, ceramic irons are loaded with negative ions that work to seal the hair follicle as it straightens, locking in much-needed moisture. The result? Silky smooth strands with less damage over time.

Heat styling doesn’t have to leave your hair fried. Ceramic irons can infuse delicate, dry or color-treated tresses with strength and moisture when used correctly.


DIY-ing your hair is simple when you have the right tools in your arsenal! The gentle heat, snag-free styling and moisture boosting features of a ceramic iron are a great start. Ready to get salon results at home? Shop here: THE CERAMIC